David Iñiguez Mangado is a spanish artist, born in La Rioja, currently residing in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Ideology can be found in the most anodyne aspects of life. This is manifested in for example holidays being based on religious celebrations. This way, the creation of narratives becomes a central topic shaping how we will understand our surroundings. Examining this phenomenon is a central topic of the artist’s practice.

The communication of abstract thoughts is a problem that humans try to overcome with, for example, language. The transformation of a thought to a symbol is a process by which we aim to communicate. The same happens, but inverted, in order to understand, but a symbol has to become autonomous in the world in order to be able to be shared, different systems will influence a symbol, thus affecting the shape it can take and therefore its content.

Bringnig light to issues regarding the underlining of what communication entails is one of the main goals of David’s works.

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